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Term 1

Mother Tongue Fortnight (5 February, Monday - 15 February, Thursday)

This is the seventh consecutive year that the MTL Department will be organizing the Mother Tongue Fortnight for our students in CHIJ Kellock. The theme for this year’s fortnight is Joy of Learning with Parents. The main objective of the fortnight is to inspire our students to want to learn their own Mother Tongue language as a life-long language with passion. With the strong support and involvement of parents, students will find the learning of Mother Tongue language a joyful experience.

Various activities have been planned to deepen this unique theme. Ms Diana Ser, who was a well-known news presenter and host, has been invited to give a talk to our Primary 1 and Primary 2 parents on tips of teaching children Chinese Language. Currently, she helms the Chinese-learning portal Crazy About Chinese and was appointed by Times Bookstores in 2016 as its first brand advocate who shares its vision of nurturing kids through play and teaching the importance of bilingualism. In addition, the MTL department will launch its home-based programme for Primary 1 and Primary 2 students to encourage them to learn their Mother Tongue with their parents.
Similar to previous years, a special guest will be invited to speak to our girls to inspire them to love their own Mother Tongue language. This year we are very privileged to have an artiste from Mediacorp to share with our Primary 6 girls on the importance of learning their own Mother Tongue language and provide some useful tips on overcoming the challenges of learning Chinese Language. Other activities planned for the students include story-telling cum making mini books, comics workshop, creative writing workshop, book fairs, language and cultural camp, video production and language games.

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Chinese New Year (CNY) Celebrations (15 February, Thursday)

CHIJ Kellock will be celebrating Lunar New Year on 15 February, Thursday. As this day is also the Lunar New Year eve, students will be dismissed at 9.30am. There will be no lesson on this day and students need not bring any books to school. They are encouraged to wear their traditional costumes for this festive celebration.

The CNY concert will begin after the commencement of the Total Defence Day. We will usher in the Year of the Dog with a dance performance by a group of Chinese Language teachers. Both the dance and the song lyrics were choreographed and written by our Chinese Language teachers. This uniquely conceived performance by the teachers will definitely heighten the festive spirit of the celebration! Every year, the lion dance performance is the highlight of the CNY concert, and this year is no exception as well. Students will also be entertained with a fun guessing programme entitled, “Where is the mummy?”. There will also be an exciting dance competition between two groups of teachers and the students will decide who the winner is. Similar to previous years, the concert will end with the staff and students singing the CNY songs together. Our Principal and Vice-Principals will be extending their well wishes to the staff by presenting mandarin oranges to them.

Do note that there is no school on 16 February, Friday, and 19 February, Monday. School will resume on 20 February, Tuesday.

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Total Defence Day 2018 – Together We Keep Singapore Strong (15 February, Thursday)

Singapore has remained safe and peaceful over the past 52 years because of the efforts of all Singaporeans. This is essentially Total Defence. Total Defence remains relevant because the threats faced today require all Singaporeans to step up and play their part. Our youths are encouraged to put Total Defence into action in their daily lives by reaching out to one another, forging new relationships and strengthening existing ones to keep Singapore strong and resilient because our greatest strength lies in the unity and resilience of our people.

This year, the theme for Total Defence Day is Together We Keep Singapore Strong. To commemorate Total Defence Day this year, we will be conducting a food rationing exercise on 14 February, Wednesday, during recess. The food rationing exercise will highlight to students our school value of Resilience, remembering that during a war, food is a rare commodity. The canteen vendors will only be selling sweet potato porridge and green bean soup during recess. Snack break will continue and we would like to encourage students to bring plain biscuits for their snack break on Total Defence Day. Usual food will only be available in the school canteen after school hours. We would appreciate it if you could let your daughter’s/ward’s form teacher know whether your daughter/ward requires special dietary consideration due to her medical conditions.
A series of activities will be conducted leading up to Total Defence Day to remind students that Total Defence involves every Singaporean to play our part. There will also be a special assembly talk for students on the actual commemoration day on 15 February 2017, Thursday, to remind them about the importance of keeping Singapore safe and being vigilant at all times

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Careers Day 2018 (23 February, Friday)

Careers Day will be held on 23 February, Friday as part of the Education and Career Guidance (ECG). There will be sharing by professionals to introduce students to the wide array of occupations, including new jobs created in this ever-changing world-of-work.
Through Careers Day, students will:
develop their interests, abilities and career aspirations
inculcate an appreciation for all occupations and how they contribute to the society

In addition to the sharing by professionals, Primary 5 and Primary 6 students will also be exposed to the online career portal where they will learn more about the different careers and the pre-requisites, and also do target setting so as to chart their progress as they work towards their goals.

Should there be any clarifications or if you would like to volunteer to share more about your profession with our students on Careers Day 2018, please feel free to contact Mrs Joy Zhang-Low (HOD CCE/Partnerships) at

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Camps for Life @ Kellock

Camps for Life, a customised programme developed by the school, aims to help students build self- confidence and self-esteem. It is also a good opportunity for the students to get to interact with one another and have time to listen, relax and better reflect on their own learning. The developmental training at the camps teach the students to work together, make choices, take responsibility, develop creative skills, build independence and resilience. The camps also comprise of activities that will equip the students with social emotional skills that will enable them to become self-directed learners who are able to manage their emotions better and contribute as effective team players.

Camps for Life for the different levels are as follows:


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