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Term 1

Open House

While the rest of the schools in Singapore commenced classes on the 2 January, it was not so for the students in CHIJ Kellock. The Primary 1 to 3 students of 2019, together with their parents, were taken on a school tour to familiarise them to the Bukit Teresa campus. Kellock teachers took on the role of a ‘tour guide’ and showed the parents and students the upgraded school campus. Many who turned up for the visit were bowled over by the beautiful facilities and the little details that the school made an effort to see to. It was a successful open house and the students were treated to a little helium balloon to welcome them back to school for the new year.

Orientation Programme

Another highlight of our Week 0 programme was the customised Orientation Programme planned by a committee of teachers. The Orientation Programme aimed to foster greater teacher-student relationship through activities such as class and level team-bonding games.

In order to orientate the students to the new facilities in the school, the committee also conducted an amazing race that took our students to the many parts of our school. 


Apart from exploring the nooks and cranny of the school, the students also gained an understanding of the work done by pioneer leaders such as Mother Mathilde, Sr Theophane and Sr Deidre. Our girls definitely had a better appreciation of our history.


The Orientation Programme also included a segment for house meeting. Students gathered in their respective houses and had their first meet up with their house teachers. The session included a presentation on the saint that the house is named after. The highlight for this segment was certainly the practising of their house cheers which fosters team spirit.

Overall, the students certainly enjoyed the two days of Orientation Programme. Moving forward, the school will continue this initiative of having an Orientation Programme at the start of every year.

Beginning of Year Gratitude Mass

       Gratitude ‘…for all things give thanks’ (1 Thess 5:18); ‘….for all things come of thee’ (1 Chronicles 29:14)

The school community of CHIJ Kellock has indeed many things to be grateful for. After two years at the holding site of Queensway, the school officially moved back to the newly refurbished Bukit Teresa campus at end of 2018. It was a joyous occasion for staff and students to be finally back on home ground.

On Friday, 11 January 2019, we celebrated our return to the Bukit Teresa campus with a Eucharistic service. The Beginning of Year Gratitude Mass was truly befitting as the school community came together to give thanks to God, our heavenly Father, for the wonderful blessings which He had showered upon us and to seek His abundant blessings for the year.

The Eucharistic celebration was celebrated by Fr John Bosco, parish priest of Church of St Teresa. The mass was attended by Sr Maria, IJ provincial, Ms Lam, IJ Supervisor, members of the IJ Board, team of architects and designers, former school leaders, PSG EXCO and parents from the school’s chaplaincy team. The school choir with their conductor, Mr Qiu, led the school community and guests in the singing of hymns. It was a beautiful Eucharistic celebration whereby every student and staff sang in one voice, songs of praise to God.

Camps for Life @ Kellock

Camps for Life, a customised programme developed by the school, aims to help our students build self-confidence and self-esteem. It is not only a good opportunity for the students to interact and bond with one another, it is also a wonderful platform to instil life skills such as organisational and social skills. The training and development received at the camps will teach the students to work together, make choices, take responsibility, develop leadership skills and build independence and resilience. The camps also comprise of activities that will equip the students with social emotional skills that will enable them to become self-directed learners who are able to manage their emotions better and contribute as effective team-players.


Camps for Life for the different levels are as follows:

Camps for life.jpg

Primary 5 Teambuilding and Outdoor Adventure Camp 2019

As part of Kellock’s belief in providing a holistic education, the P5 students embarked on an amazing outdoor learning experience at their teambuilding camp which took place from 7 to 9 January 2019, at the MOE Labrador Outdoor Adventure Learning Centre (LOALC).
During the camp, the students were challenged to confront and overcome their fears through a series of activities such as abseiling, rock-climbing, challenge rope course, zipline and the artificial caving system. They also had the opportunity to learn how to work well together as a team and display the school values when they tried their hands at laser tag, popcorn-making and low element activities. All these experiences imbued in the students, resilience, ruggedness, tenacity as they confidently tackled challenges together. Through the common experiences that they went through, the students forged camaraderie while learning to appreciate diversity in the new class that they were placed in this year.

The camp ended on a high note with a campfire on the second night of their stay at the campsite. Many of the students expressed that they had become more courageous and resilient after their camping experiences and they look forward to more outdoor learning activities.


Careers Day 2019

With the help of our Kellock Parents Support Group, the exciting line up of career sharing by the various professionals this year was engaging and well received by Kellock students.

8.PNGGuest speakers working as Broadcast Engineer, Crochet Artist, Party Planner, Air Stewardess, Frogologist and 
many more turned up for Careers day and we were privileged to have many parent volunteers stepping forward to share with our students interesting stories about their profession and the challenges that they faced at the workplace. Primary 1 and 2 students were encouraged to come dressed in their ‘dream profession’ on Careers Day and many of them were extremely enthusiastic about it! 



Total Defence Day 2019 – Together We Keep Singapore Strong

Total Defence Day is marked annually on 15 February to commemorate the anniversary of the surrender of the British to the Japanese. This year, students were involved in a series of educational activities and a food rationing exercise was carried out. This helped to remind students of the hardship faced by our forefathers during war.
Various learning booths were set up by the NE Ambassadors to educate students on the 6 pillars of Total 
Defence, i.e., Military Defence, Civil Defence, Economic Defence, Social Defence, Psychological Defence and Digital Defence. Students learnt simple first aid skills for burns, insect bites and stings as well. Students showed their support to keep Singapore strong at the pledge card booths. The most popular booth was the interactive booth where students participated in first aid quizzes. This helped to reinforce and consolidate their learning.