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Mother Tongue Teachers

Subject  Teacher Email
Chinese Mdm Wong Foong Li
Chinese  Ms Jiang Ming 
Chinese  Mdm Gan Yi
Chinese  Ms Koh Wee Mong 
Chinese  Ms He Na
Chinese   Mdm Woo Siok Hwee
Chinese  Ms Zhang Linyue 
Chinese  Ms Xu Jing
Chinese  Ms Chng Choon Pheow
Chinese  Ms Gao Hewei
Chinese   Mdm Liu Shiwei
Chinese  Mrs Tan Huey Ee Ester 
Chinese Mdm Wang Guiyun 
Chinese  Ms Chua Poh Leng  
Chinese  Ms Sally Lee
Chinese Ms Lim Wei-Hing
 Chinese Ms Ang Lee Noi(email to be added later) 
 Chinese Ms Jackie Ng (email to be added later) 
 Malay and Tamil  Mdm Tauled Tunisha Mohd Paser 
Malay   Ms Khatijah 
Malay Ms Mariam Ibrahim
 Malay Mr Ibrahim Frego   
Tamil  Mdm Thanaselvi 
Tamil  Ms Ravathy d/o Ganasegaran