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2020 started with much promise. Our first event of the year was the P1 Welcome Breakfast which had a huge

 turnout and we welcomed the new P1 parents with much enthusiasm. Encouraged by the great response at the event, we got down to mapping out plans and were eager for the year ahead.

Our outlook took a complete turn very early in the year, when the reality of change hit us in March. We found ourselves having to postpone planned events. The first being, Careers Day in February and the next being, International Friendship Day, typically held in April of each year.

We had more than 80 parent volunteers (PVs) signed up for that event and much preparation were in the works. While disappointed, it did not dampen the PVs’ can-do spirit. We soldiered on hoping for a rescheduling to July. Unfortunately, it was not to be and the event was eventually cancelled.

h2.pngOnline meetings became the new norm for our PSG meetings with the School Leaders and among ourselves. During the Circuit-Breaker period, Full Home Based Learning presented many challenges and brought with it many learnings. Many parents found a new sense of appreciation and respect for our teachers and the work they do. To express our thanks, a video montage conceptualised by Sabina Wee, our PSG Advisor, was produced jointly by the PSG alumni and PSG.

h3.pngIt was a very heart-warming collaboration of teams. Following the extended school closure in May, a second music video was put together, this time involving a cohort of about 100 girls, singing “Count on Me” for the staff and teachers. This initiative was led by Hazel Peh, our Events coordinator. It was a labour intensive effort and we are so proud of it! Subsequently, a tribute montage was created for Teacher’s Day by our Vice-Chairperson, Dolly Lau. 

h4.jpgWe requested from our PSG community for photos of the girls and their teachers taken through the years and on a very short notice, many beautiful photos started pouring in. With contributions from many parents, an emotional video was made and it reminded us of just how special a school Kellock truly is for our girls. If you have not had a chance to watch these videos, they can be found on the school website. 

h5.pngEvery year, for Children’s Day, the PSG team would organize Games Day for the girls. It was usually a day with the biggest turn up of parent volunteers in school and the place would be abuzz with activities and games. This was not the case for this year. Instead we replaced it with a Children’s Day gift of a mask keeper with a specially designed Kellock girl image on it. An item exclusively for our Kellock family to commemorate this very different year of 2020.

Our final project for the year was the PSLE breakfast. The PSG EXCO has traditionally provided the Primary 6 girls a breakfast on their examination days. Without the means of being physically in school, we put together daily care-boxes filled with a variety of pastries, healthy snacks and fresh fruit for each of the 6 classes. The girls were also given a daily packet of milo sponsored by some of the P6 parents. A special gift card of encouragement was also printed for each of the girls and given to them prior to the start of their exams.
As we come to the end of the year, we want to once again thank the teachers who have tirelessly given their all to our daughters, and the parent volunteers who have helped in every way possible. 
To Ms Chin, words cannot express how much we appreciate your whole-hearted support of the PSG throughout these years. You have been instrumental in allowing us to be such a huge part of our daughters primary school journey and we are so thankful. May life’s BEST be yours always as you embark on your retirement.
As we wrap up the final weeks of school, we wish everyone a good term break. We cannot wait to be a part of the action again!                                                

Spotlight on K-Dads

CHIJ Kellock Dads (KDads) is a community group of fathers who believe in play (always important!) and sharing the desire to be a more effective father throughout their daughters’ journey in CHIJ Kellock.

As we are our daughters’ first heroes, our role as fathers are truly important as no other person can replace us.  Research has shown that by being involved with our daughters during their early years, we will play an important role in their socio-emotional, intellectual, and language development, thus helping to shape their future.

Over the years, we have organized outdoor and indoor activities where both fathers and daughters were able to have fun, laugh, and to foster a stronger bond with one another. Some of these outdoor activities include Sentosa and Pulau Ubin nature walks, jogging, playground, frisbee, and kite flying, to name a few. 

While indoor activities were mostly art and craft related such as ice cream making, terrarium, and gel wax candle plus fathering workshops. Due to challenges relating to the COVID-19 measures in 2020, we have not been able to organize such activities apart from a couple of virtual fathering workshops. 

We will continue to monitor and follow the school guidelines for group physical activities. In the meantime, we will be looking to organize some virtual sessions from Term 2 onwards. So, stay tuned for further announcements! We would like to encourage fathers to join us and to journey with their daughters in making their Kellock experience truly memorable!