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A Caring And Enabling Environment




Teacher-Student Relationship (TSR) 

Our teachers wear many hats. They take on many roles such as an educator, caregiver, counsellor, traffic marshall, guide and so on. They do all that they do with a purpose of nurturing a sense of belonging to help our students connect and build relationships with one another. When students experience positive relationships in school, they engage more actively in learning and interactions with teachers and peers, thus shaping their character, social-emotional well-being and development. 


Peer Support & Relationships

Classrooms are natural settings where positive peer relationships can be nurtured and strengthened. In Kellock, we believe that strong relationships among students is a critical part of the network of positive relationships in schools. Peers are a significant source of support for students. Hence, we have put in place a peer support programme known as Sisterly Love. 


Level 1: Whole School Approach 

 At level 1, we target the masses with every student as a peer supporter. We have put in place the class and cross-level buddy systems where students are assigned a classmate and an upper/lower primary schoolmate as a buddy. We hope to strengthen the overall support network for the students. Some of the activities that we have organised are Welcome cards in the beginning of the school year, Easter messages, P3 sisters encouraging P6 sisters who are taking their PSLE. 


Level 2: In-class Support

At level 2, the school identifies a selected group of students with the right aptitude as Sisterly Love Peer Supporters within the upper primary classes. These students receive training from the CCE committee teachers and they are deployed to support their peers in need.


Student Voice & Ownership


In Kellock, we believe in giving students a voice in order to establish an effective learning environment for CCE. How have we done it in Kellock? The image on the left captures some of the activities we have developed to give students opportunities for their voices to be heard.  

Student Leadership @ Kellock

At CHIJ Kellock, we believe that all students can be a leader and leadership development of all students is aligned to its vision and they are structured in 3 tiers:
Tier 1: Leadership for all Kellock students;
Tier 2: Leadership for Kellock student leaders;
Tier 3: Leadership for Kellock Executive Committee Prefects

Leadership Approach

At the Offer tier, the school looks at providing opportunities to engage all students in a holistic experience that facilitates the learning of values, skills and knowledge. The department believes that all students can lead and therefore, leadership opportunities are offered to its students.

At the Nurture tier, the school looks at providing in-depth and progressive development of the students’ abilities and talents in student leadership. Students are stretched and opportunities provided for them to harness their abilities. 

At the Excel tier, the school looks at providing opportunities and expertise to optimise every student’s abilities and talents. 

Qualities of A Kellock Leader

A: Tier 1: Class and Functional Leaders [Offer]

At this tier, the school recognises all students’ ability to lead. Roles such as class monitors, group leaders, PE leaders and functional leaders were created to offer more leadership opportunities for students. To formalise these leadership roles, an assembly period is devoted for the formal installation of these leaders.  

Leadership development of Tier 1 leaders is illustrated in the table below:


B: Tier 2: Prefects, NE Ambassadors, CCA Leaders (Nuture)

At the Nurture tier, the school tailors programmes that provide in-depth and progressive development of the students’ abilities and talents. The department aims to develop its student leaders with the entrepreneurial spirit where they are imbued with the mindset of pushing boundaries, of wanting to innovate and finding a breakthrough.

Leadership development of Tier 2 leaders is illustrated in the table below:


C: Tier 3: Prefect Exco (Excel)

At the pinnacle of the pyramid, the school provides opportunities for students to Excel in their varied abilities and talents. In the framework, prefects who exemplify strong leadership abilities are nominated by teachers to form the Prefects EXCO team where they are stretched in their leadership development. They are given more opportunities to engage in meta-cognitive activities to challenge existing ideas and initiate change at the school level.

Leadership development of Tier 2 leaders is illustrated in the table below:

Prefect EXCO 2022

Lorraine Fong (Head), Cheryl Tan (Vice-Head)
Hannah Chieng, Varshini, Natasha, Shannen Pua

Words of Our Head Prefect, Lorraine Fong

Head Prefect Speech
Good morning Mrs Nair, Ms Ng, Mrs Chan, teachers and friends. My name is Lorraine Fong of Primary 6 Hibiscus and I am your head prefect for 2022. 

I would like to thank each and every one of you for your vote of confidence and therefore, allowing me this opportunity to serve our school in 2022. 

Words cannot describe how grateful I am and I promise to put in my best effort in everything that I do. This year, one of the major projects I would like to focus on is mental health. Like I said in my campaign speech, mental health is not a common topic here in Singapore and because of that, people associate mental health with negative terms and ideas. 

I hope that we can implement more activities and games related to mental health but to make such events possible, I will need the help of the EXCO members, prefectorial board, teachers and your assistance. I hope that we will have your full support in everything that we do and I am confident that if we as prefects work together, we will be able to lead our school to reach new heights never attained before. I believe that if we work together as a school, we can and will make CHIJ Kellock a better place. 

Once again, thank you Mrs Nair, Ms Ng, Mrs Chan, teachers and friends for giving me this amazing opportunity to be your head prefect. Thank you for listening and have a great day ahead!