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Clean Plate Campaign

Clean Plate Campaign at CHIJ Kellock

In 2018, CHIJ Kellock collaborated with Food from the Heart (FFTH) for the first time for ‘Clean Plate Campaign’, to educate students on the importance of reducing food wastage. Students were encouraged to order food of appropriate proportions during recess time, so as to reduce food wastage. Volunteers from FFTH also visited CHIJ Kellock to educate students about the repercussions of food waste, which is a global issue, and our students are able to show their support by ‘cleaning up’ their plates. We are proud to announce that CHIJ Kellock emerged as 1st Runner Up for the ‘Clean Plate Campaign’ in both 2018 and 2019 out of 70 over Primary schools in Singapore, achieving 87.6% (in 2018) and 92.68% (in 2019) of clean plates out of the whole school cohort. Well done CHIJ Kellock!