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FTGP/1-1 Interaction Time


Form Teacher’s Guidance Period also known as FTGP is implemented within the school curriculum time for all classes by the form and co-form teachers. Research has shown that students are more likely to be emotionally and intellectually invested in classes where they have positive relationships with their teachers (Nichols, 2006, Pianta, 1999 & Phelan, 1992)

 During FTGP, purposeful student-teacher interactions and the explicit teaching of Social Emotional competencies take place. Students acquire skills that will help them in the following ways:

·         Better understand themselves (self awareness)

·         Better manage themselves (self management)

·         Better understand their family and friends (social awareness)

·         Better understand ways to work with their family and friends (relationship management)

·         Better their decision-making skills (responsible decision making)