Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (Kellock)


NE Ambassadors 2018

The appointment of NE Ambassadors recognises students with leadership qualities and their ability to serve at the school level. NE Ambassadors promote citizenship values in school and they are positive roles models of young citizens. They also plan and organise activities for NE commemorative days and share contemporary news with school at a regular interval. 

NE Commemorative Days

The NE Ambassadors were involved in planning and organising activities for the following 4 NE commemorative days, i.e. Total Defence Day, International Friendship Day, Racial Harmony Day and National Day.

     Total Defence Day:

A variety of learning booths were set up by the NE Ambassadors to educate students on the 5 pillars of Total Defence and simple first aid skills. They made the booths interactive by including games for the Lower Primary students and a mini quiz for the Upper Primary students. They also demonstrated simple bandaging skills like the head bandage and arm sling. They provided hands-on opportunities for the students to try out these basic first-aid skills. On top of these, they encouraged the students to make a pledge to protect Singapore at the pledge card booths.

Matching game for the Lower Primary students


Mini quiz for the Upper Primary students to solve


NE ambassadors demonstrating simple bandaging skills like head bandage and arm sling.

Students learning about what goes inside a first-aid kit.


NE Ambassadors encouraging students to write their pledge to protect Singapore at the pledge card booth.

     International Friendship Day

The NE Ambassadors assisted the Kellock Parent Support Group who organised the IFD carnival for the students. They guided the students in participating in a series of exciting activities, unique to various countries. They took initiative to learn and familiarise themselves with the games and activities prior to the carnival. 


NE Ambassadors assisting parents volunteers at the IFD carnival.

     Racial Harmony Day

To educate the students on the games played by the different ethnic groups, the NE Ambassadors set up a wide range of game booths on Racial Harmony Day. The games included 5 stones, chapteh, pickup sticks, zero point, eraser game, Dog and Bone and card games like Old Maid and Snap. The NE Ambassadors patiently explained the rules of the games to the students who visited the booths. The students were all engaged and they enjoyed themselves while playing the various games.

NE Ambassadors teaching the students how to play 5 stones.

Students learning how to play Pickup Sticks.


NE Ambassadors guiding the students how to play Zero Point.

Students having a go at Chapteh.

An NE Ambassador explaining the game of Dog and Bone to a group of students.

     National Day

Prior to National Day, the NE Ambassadors set up booths for students and teachers to write down gratitude messages for Singapore. They were enthusiastic and encouraged many students to write the reasons to why they were grateful towards Singapore. Being role models, they also set a good example by writing their messages of gratitude to Singapore. 


NE Ambassadors encouraging the students to write messages of gratitude to Singapore.



Messages of gratitude from students and teachers.

The P6 NE Ambassadors with the completed gratitude boards

Sharing of Contemporary News

The NE Ambassadors were tasked to share on contemporary news to the school this year. They searched for relevant and age-appropriate topics to share. Apart from preparing the PowerPoint slides, they were also involved in the creation of videos which served as a tuning in for the topic. Although most of them had to step out of their comfort zone to perform in front of a camera, they took it in their stride and put in their best effort during the recordings. The sharing has been well-received by the students and teachers. The following are the topics on the contemporary news that have been shared thus far:

Climate Change
Fake News
Road Safety
Fighting Diabetes


Sharing on Climate Change

Sharing on Fake News


Sharing on Road Safety

Sharing on Fighting Diabetes

Sharing on Cyberbullying

Leadership Camp in June

During the June holidays, the NE Ambassadors together with other student leaders, participated in the annual leadership camp. They were involved in a series of activities during the camp. 
In the morning, they attended a Public Speaking module led by one of our parent volunteers, Ms Maura Forgarty. The NE Ambassadors had the opportunity to be called upon to present on a given debate topic.

Public Speaking module led by one of our parent volunteers, Ms Maura Forgarty


A group of NE Ambassadors was called upon to present on a given debate topic.

Next, they took part in an Amazing Race led by the teachers in the Student Management department. The NE Ambassadors learnt to work with other student leaders as they were reorganised to be in different groups during the race.


Student leaders working together to form the tallest floating tower.


Student leaders working collaboratively remove a bucket of toxic waste from a pool of hot lava.

Student leaders listening attentively to the instructions given by Mrs Hannah Yuen.

The final segment of the camp was a workshop conducted by Acorn Training. The NE Ambassadors came together to brainstorm on some issues faced by the team. Thereafter, they came up with possible solutions and discussed on the ideal changes that they would like to see. 

Brainstorming together


NE Ambassadors sharing on their work

The camp served as a useful platform for the NE Ambassadors to work not only with one another, but also with the other student leaders in the school.

Trip to St Theresa’s Convent

In conjunction with the commemoration of Racial Harmony Day, the NE Ambassadors were invited to CHIJ St. Theresa’s Convent to participate in their RHD programme. At STC, the NE Ambassadors were taken through activities in the following areas of Aesthetics education:

     Bookmark Making

The NE Ambassadors were engaged in hands-on activities to create their own commemorative bookmarks for Racial Harmony Day.


    • Spices and Herbs Across Cultures

The NE Ambassadors discovered how the use of spices, condiments and herbs varies across the different cultures through a display of some of Singapore’s favourite spices and herbs.


Listening to the sharing by the STC’s students on the different uses of spices, condiments and herbs.

Smelling the spice in the test tube and trying to identify what it is.


      Modern Batik

   The NE Ambassadors were taken through a presentation of artworks done through the modern interpretation of traditional Batik art form. 

An STC student sharing on the Batik art form.



NE Ambassadors adding in colours to their own Batik design.

NE Ambassadors trying out Batik designing

Through the learning journey to STC, the NE Ambassadors had the opportunity to experience the different cultures through arts, cuisine and design. They were also able to better understand and appreciate Singapore’ heritage.