Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (Kellock)

Enactment of CCE


Enactment of CCE comes in several learning platforms where CCE is enacted with intentionality. Some of these learning platforms are captured on the left.                                                                                              
CCE Lessons

These lessons which include CCE (FTGP), CCE EL/MTL, Values Education and Play at Kellock (PAL) provide the time for teachers to engage and build relationships with students through discussions and effective classroom strategies. 

Key Student Development Experiences (KSDEs)

KSDEs are programmes and activities that contribute towards the holistic development of our students in the physical, aesthetic, intellectual, moral and social domains. 

National Education Commemorative Days

Beyond the formal Character and Citizenship Education lessons, the four NE Commemorative Days (Total Defence Day, International Friendship Day, Racial Harmony Day and National Day) are an important part of students’ learning experiences in school. Through these NE commemorative days, students learn important lessons from significant moments in Singapore’s history, and reflect on how they can apply their learning to contribute as active citizens.

Total Defence Day 2022
What is Total Defence?

Total Defence involves every person in Singapore playing a part, individually and collectively to build a strong, secure and cohesive Singapore. When we are strong, we are able to deal with any crisis. Total Defence is important in rallying the people in Singapore together in responding to challenges that threatens Singapore’s independence and well-being, such as Covid-19 and economic downturns. Everyone in Singapore has an important part to play.  

When is Total Defence?

Total Defence Day is commemorated on the 15th of February every year. It commemorates the day Singapore fell to the Japanese in 1942. The Important Message signal of the Public Warning System is sounded at 6.20pm to commemorate the day, and 6.20pm marks the exact time when the British surrendered to the Japanese Imperial Forces at the Ford Factory in Bukit Timah.   

Total Defence @ CHIJ Kellock

CHIJ Kellock commemorated Total Defence Day (TDD) on 16th of February this year. The theme for this year’s TDD commemoration is ‘Together We Keep Singapore Strong’. The objectives of our commemoration is to encourage students to play a greater role in Total Defence and to highlight the different ways students can contribute. Students also learnt about the importance of preparing for future threats and challenges, and showing resilience when crises strike. 

As part of the school’s TDD commemoration programme, a series of 6 different lead-up videos were created by our very own P6 CHIJ Kellock’s National Education (NE) Ambassadors. These daily videos which were screened in the morning, provided opportunities for our students to learn about TDD. the 6 different pillars of defence and the different ways in which they can play a part. Our P5 NE Ambassadors contributed by creating information slides which were put up on the school’s broadcast system. Our newly-minted P4 NE Ambassadors contributed by helping to set up the learning boards in the canteen in preparation for TDD commemoration.

P6 NE Ambassadors and their informative videos

During their respective level recesses, students visited the learning boards put up in the canteen. These learning boards contain important information on what students can do in the event of first-aid emergencies. Students also picked up fun acitvity sheets (crossword puzzles, colouring sheets) which contain important TDD learning points and messages.

In the classrooms, students listened to the TDD Message prepared by our Minister for Defence, Dr Ng Eng Heng, before the teachers carried out the level-differentiated customised TDD lesson package in class. These lesson packages aim to strengthen our students’ understanding and awareness of TDD and to further instill in them on how they can play a part in the six different pillars of defence to protect Singapore. Students then put their gratitude into action by designing and writing Thank You cards to the current and retired National Servicemen in their lives. 
CCE_Ena_7.PNGThis enriching learning experience continued back at home where students completed an interactive  TDD  learning package on the Student Learning Space (SLS) portal. Students learnt on how to react during times of emergency.

We look forward to our Kellock girls putting what they have learnt into actions and play their part to defend and protect Singapore.

Remember, together we make Singapore strong!

Camps for Life 

In Kellock, we believe in exposing our students to learning beyond the classroom. Hence, we have put in place the Camps for Life programme where students go through a structured level camp. Through the camps, students learn to work as a team, strengthen their bonds with one another and acquire social emotional skills such as empathy and perspective-taking. 
CCE_Ena_8.PNGValues in Action

CCE_Ena_9.PNGTo help our students internalise the knowledge, skills and values (KSV) that they have learnt, we create platforms for them to apply their KSVs. For this, we have the I Care, We Care & We Care+ framework that we have put in place.  

At the I Care level, we offer opportunities to all students through class VIA such as spring cleaning and daily 5-minute routine cleaning of their work areas.

At the We Care level, we develop the students’ empathy and love for the community through level VIA and some of these activities include creating a hamper for OSO staff and financial bazaar.

At the We Care+ level, platforms are created for students to sign up voluntarily for these activities on their own accord. These platforms hope to bring out the volunteerism spirit in our students. 
School-based Initiatives

Kellock Awards & Recognition Scheme

In recognition of the students’ holistic development, the CCE committee has put in place an awards and recognition scheme in both the academic as well as the non-academic areas. The school’s awards and recognition scheme is illustrated in the table below:


The pinnacle award is a prestigious award given to a Primary 6 student in recognition of her outstanding contributions and achievements in the academic, co-curricular as well as her service to the school and community.  There are altogether six pinnacle awards and they are: 

  •    Blessed Nicolas Barre
  •    Mother Mathilde
  •    Sister Deidre O’Loan
  •    Kellock-All-Rounder
  •    Sports Girl of the Year
  •   Arts Girl of the Year 

Blessed Nicolas Barré 

The Blessed Nicholas Barré Award is given to a student who has embraced and demonstrated a balanced and holistic approach towards education throughout her years in CHIJ Kellock. This is evident in her achievements in academic pursuits, in CCA as well as other contributions to the school. She is an upright leader in her field, constantly guiding and inspiring others towards achieving excellence. She uses her gifts and talents to serve the school and community with humility and love. 

 Mother Mathilde 

The Mother Mathilde award is given to a student who has displayed strong leadership qualities in her own field and when opportunities arise. This award recognises the leadership qualities of the student and commends the student for her initiative, her courage to stand up for what is right and good, and her inspiration to others around her. Over and above the school values, the recipient of this award exemplifies the values of Mother Mathilde, a founding sister of the Infant Jesus school in Singapore, exuding the spirit of generosity by looking for opportunities to serve the school and the community with compassion and love, persevering despite challenges and motivating her peers to share and contribute meaningfully in all aspects of school life. 

Sister Deirdre O’ Loan 

The Sr Deirdre O’ Loan Award is a special award presented by the IJ Board of Management in honour of Sr Deirdre O’ Loan to carry on her legacy in education and in service of others, as well as her belief in every child and her potential. The award gives recognition to a student whose knowledge, demeanour and behaviour demonstrate respect for the IJ values and the school community. She demonstrates a strong sense of compassion for others by showing deep care and concern for her peers, teachers and school staff. She possesses a love for learning and displays good communication skills. She participates actively to help others in their learning and she reads extensively to widen her knowledge.  


Kellock-All-Rounder is a special award that recognises well-rounded students who have excelled in both academic and non-academic spheres. It also aims to encourage students to continue to excel in their studies, develop their strengths and character, and contribute back to society.   

Sports Girl of the Year   

The Sports Girl of the year award is given to a student who exudes excellent sportsmanship and has been consistent in inspiring others in the team to aim higher without compromising on values. She must be a team player who constantly seeks improvement and contributes significantly towards the overall development and success of the team. 

Arts Girl of the Year 

The Arts Girl of the year is given to a student who shows exceptional passion in her choice of art form. She recognises the importance of teamwork in group performance and consistently inspires and helps others in the team to hone their skills. Her love of the arts is manifested in her belief that through her art form, she brings joy to people around her and the community at large.