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Creative Arts

Our Mission:

We aim to develop our students to become active learners who have an interest, resilience and passion for achieving excellence in the Arts, thereby empowering them to make a positive difference to others through the various forms of the Arts.

Arts Education Policy:

All students, regardless of background are given opportunities to Experience, Engage and Excel in the Arts.

Nurturing Talents and Unleashing Potential in Aesthetics 


We create OPPORTUNITIES FOR ALL, offering every pupil regardless of their background or ability, the opportunities to be exposed and engaged to a wide variety of art forms

  • Visual Art curriculum
  • Music curriculum 
  • PAL – Dance, Drama and Art modules
  • NAC approved assembly and public performances 
  • Arts Exposure Programme 

We nurture our pupils by LEVERAGING ON PLATFORMS to provide pupils a wide range of arts experiences via formal and informal programmes in the curriculum.
Performing Arts CCAs:
  • Choir
  • Dance Ensemble
  • String Ensemble 

Visual Arts CCAs:
  • Pottery Club
  • Art Club

Talent Development Programme:
  • Junior Choir 
  • Junior Dance Ensemble 
  • Junior String Ensemble 

Performance/Exhibition Platforms:
  • Recess recitals 
  • School-based concerts 
  • Visual Art Exhibition 

We create opportunities to showcase at public venues, which stretches the growth of our young talents to beyond what they thought was possible, and, to do their part for the community through their talent.
Talent Development Performing Arts CCAs 
  • Choir
  • Dance Ensemble
  • String Ensemble
Talent Development Visual Arts CCA
  • Pottery Club 

External Platforms:
  • Bows and Ribbons concert
  • SYF Arts Presentation
  • SYF Arts Exhibition

Community Involvement through the Arts:
  • Children for Children (CFC)
  • Radin Mas RC / CC events
  • ChildAid Asia 
  • ChildAid International 


The design of Kellock’s Creative Arts Programme is based on the ArtsONE Framework where students, regardless of their backgrounds and abilities, are provided with broad-based, quality creative arts education through the curriculum and co-curriculum programmes. These programmes actively engage pupils at different levels, depending on needs, interests and talents. Through the 6-years Arts Education, apart from skills learnt, our pupils will experience and learn the importance of graciousness, humility, perseverance and teamwork.

Working hand in hand

Parents can help:

  • Encourage and support your child to participate in the Arts related activities organised for pupils. 
  • Encourage your child to practise on the instrument which she is learning for the year. 
  • Encourage your child to keep an open-mind to the learning opportunities that are presented to them.