Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (Kellock)


Programme for Active Learning (PAL)

Programme for Active Learning (PAL) is an initiative from MOE which sees the inclusion of structured playtime into the curriculum. Here in CHIJ Kellock, PAL is an acronym for Play and Learn, simply for the reason that through structured ‘play’ time, students cultivate social emotional skills such as how to manage self, how to relate to others as well as learning to make responsible decisions. Hence, reflection time is incorporated into PAL curriculum, allowing teachers and students to talk about their learning experiences and acknowledge their feelings.

PAL programme takes the Experiential-Inquiry Learning approach whereby there is a balance between the development of Cognitive Knowledge & Creativity, and, Social Emotional Competency. Over the two years, our students will participate in especially tailored learning activities in Sports and Outdoor Education, Performing and Visual Arts. Through these activities, students are encouraged to create and express themselves, as well as learning to appreciate our culture and our environment. For example, through our cultural dance module in P1, students learn ethnic dances while through the outdoor module in P2, students learn to be more aware of caring for nature. 

‘PIay encourages creativity and imagination. lt is intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically and linguistically challenging and encourages children to work in depth (alone and with others).’ (Pound, 2008, How Children Learn, Learning Through Play, p74) 

Here in CHIJ Kellock, we take great care that our children have fruitful and meaningful ‘play’ experience though our PAL curriculum.