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Singapore Youth Festival (S.Y.F)

Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Arts Exhibition 2019

The school’s Visual Arts groups – Pottery Club and Art Club, have submitted 3 art pieces for 2019 Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Arts Exhibition. For 3 months, children worked as a team to create an art piece based on the theme Artist and Citizenship. Our young artists were guided to express how they see and feel about Singapore. The children then came up with their interpretations of the theme Artist and Citizenship. Three pieces of work under three categories were selected to be submitted. All the three art pieces would be posted online for viewing by the SYF organiser. We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to our dedicated teachers-in-charge and instructor who have imparted skills and values to our students, hence developing them holistically. To our wonderful parents, we really appreciate your support and encouragement which you have given your child. The school looks forward to working with our parents to help our students develop their unique giftedness.

(SYF) Arts Exhibition 2019 Photo Gallery
(SYF) Arts Exhibition 2019 Photos