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Wolfgang Violin and Cello Programme

Wolfgang Violin and Cello Programme @ Kellock is a 2-year string programme starting with the Primary 1 students. This violin and cello programme is beyond mere instrumental lessons. The integrated string programme comprises an effective combination of Technique/ Repertoire/ Musicianship components which will awaken our students’ love for music with the violin and cello as a bridge to music expression.  Our young violinists and cellists are given opportunities to perform at recess recitals or school concert, and have always been well-received. 

*Students will have to undergo an audition to enter into either the Wolfgang Violin and Cello Programme @ Kellock.

Teacher-in-charge: Miss Lam Junyu, Miss Abi

Day and Time: 
P1 students: Monday 2 pm – 3 pm  
P2 students: Monday 3 pm – 4 pm

Venue:  Music Room 1 
Maximum intake of students (per session): 20 students (violin), 5 students (cello)

Parents can help us in the following areas:
Ensure that your child brings her instruments and music books for all her lessons.
Encourage and support your child to participate in the music related activities. 
Encourage your child to practice the music pieces that had been taught.