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Applied Learning Programme (ALP) 

CHIJ Kellock Applied Learning Programme (ALP) 

The ALP Programme at Kellock Connects classroom learning with real-life applications and encourages students to creatively apply concepts to solve authentic problems. It focuses on evoking curiosity in learning, developing inventive thinking and encouraging a dare-to-try spirit.
Our school hope to encourage all students to ‘Innovate to Make a Difference’, which embodies the school’s aspirations and drive in realising the tenets of our school’s vision of ‘Learn’, ‘Lead’ and “Make a Difference”. The Kellock Girl Outcomes (KGOs) of a ‘Thoughtful Learner’ (Learn), ‘Servant Leader’ (Lead) and ‘Person for Others’ (Make a Difference) are the key outcomes we would like to nurture and grow in all our students.

Through the school’s Interdisciplinary Project Work (IPW), we hope to sharpen and develop attributes of the KGOs, such as Critical and Creative Thinking, Communication skills, Reflective Learning, Leading by Example, Putting Others before Self and Collaborating with Others. The ALP is designed to enable all students to be intentional about solving multi-faceted problems by adopting an interdisciplinary perspective and approach.


Our ALP Approach and platforms for students at CHIJ Kellock

The ALP will be delivered through a 3-tiered framework; Offer-Nurture-Excel (Similar to the school’s LLP framework). Each tier of the ONE approach takes into consideration our students’ needs, abilities, interests and development of 21st Century Competencies and SEL Competencies, which leads to the  Kellock Girl’s Outcomes.The 3-tiered frame is designed to allow students to deepen their appreciation and application of skills progressively.

At the OFFER Tier, the school looks at providing a breadth of learning opportunities for students schoolwide. The main vehicles for delivering experiences at this first tier comprise existing programmes such as Interdisciplinary Project Work (IPW) @ Kellock, Coding and Maker Programme as well as Awareness and STEAM Weeks.

The NURTURE tier provides in-depth development of the students’ interest while the EXCEL tier allows opportunities for students with the aptitude to excel in their chosen fields or to further stretch their talents. The school plans for extensions to the IPW by offering students with greater interest to extend their advocacy and action of their Project Work via the Kellock Volunteerism Platforms. Similar platforms for change-making exploratory projects that serve the common good are provided for interested student leaders.

To cater to students with aptitude, the school plans for opportunities for selected students to explore and investigate environmental, social and community concerns/ issues at a deeper level through participation in relevant zonal and national presentations and competitions under the EXCEL Tier.

The P5 Applied Learning Programme 2020

Building a Sustainable Future, Moving Towards Zero Waste

As part of CHIJ Kellock’s Applied Learning Programme (ALP), the Primary 5 Interdisciplinary Project Work (IPW) was implemented. IPW connects classroom learning with real-life applications and encourages our students to creatively apply concepts to solve authentic problems. It focuses on evoking curiosity in learning, developing inventive thinking and encouraging a dare-to-try spirit. This year’s IPW brings together subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science, Character and Citizenship Education with the integration of Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

The theme for this year’s IPW is ‘Building a Sustainable Future, Moving towards Zero Waste’. Using a 4-stage Modified Thinking Approach (Empathize, Define, Ideate and Prototype), our students collaborated together and use what they had learnt to design and create a product that can help us achieve the goal of ‘Zero Waste’. Let’s take a look at the different stages!

Empathize (Stage 1) and Define (Stage 2)

In the ‘Empathize’ stage, our students learnt about the various environmental issues and its impact on the world through an informative talk and an engaging skit by the National Environmental Agency (NEA) and talks put up by our teachers. Students also learnt about the Responsible Waste Management Hierarchy and took part in a Padlet group discussion. Through this stage, our students reflected and took on various perspectives on what affects the world that we live in and what can be done. After which, students enter Stage 2 where they define the problem that they need to create a solution for. 


Ideate (Stage 3)

Students were encouraged to generate ideas to solve the problem that they had defined in Stage 2. In this stage, our students learnt how to use a flowchart to illustrate and organize their ideas. Using Strawbees, students identified and applied simple principles of movement to build mechanisms which can then be applied to Stage 4. These activities helped to develop spatial reasoning skills through the creation and scaling of geometric structures. It also helped to develop team work and respect of different perspectives in ideation and creation.


Prototype (Stage 4)

At the final stage, students used recyclables and Strawbees to create their very own prototype. Students wrote an information text to introduce the prototype and how it could be used to promote sustainability and ‘zero waste’. After presenting their prototype to the class, students then individually reflected on the whole process.


We are positive that through the school’s Interdisciplinary Project Work (IPW), our students’ attributes of the Kellock Girl Outcomes (KGOs) such as ‘Critical and Creative Thinking’, ‘Communication Skills’, ‘Reflective Learning’, ‘Leading by Example’, ‘Putting Others before Self’ and ‘Collaborating with Others’ have been developed and sharpened. As Blessed Nicolas Barré once said, ‘The Gifts Given to You are for Others’. We hope that our students will continue to be inspired to innovate to make a difference in this world and the lives of others.