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Kellock Awareness Week

Kellock Awareness Week 2019

To augment the learning experiences for the students, our Kellock Awareness Week provides exposure to social concerns and issues for students, helping them to understand the authentic challenges faced by others and to propose solution during their Project Work in an interdisciplinary and integrative manner.

In alignment with the school’s P4 IPW on ‘Caring for the Underprivileged Children’, Awareness week had been a wonderful platform to promote awareness and celebrate abilities of persons with special needs. CHIJ Kellock held its third annual Awareness week in 2019, to educate our students on the importance of building an inclusive Singapore. A series of educational activities were lined up for our students to deepen their understanding on what it means to be inclusive – with a special focus on children with dyslexia and muscular dystrophy. 

Aside from the whole-school assembly talk conducted by the Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS) who shared with students and staff how they can better understand and help students with dyslexia receive the support they need to succeed in school, a special CCE programme was also lined up for the P1-P5 students. Our Primary 1 and 2 students were given the opportunity to have a more interactive and in depth session with Ms Angela Lim, a parent volunteer of CHIJ Kellock on how to interact with children who have dyslexia. 
KAW1.pngThe Muscular Dystrophy Association of Singapore conducted a talk for the Primary 3 to 5 students to help them understand and interact with children who have Muscular Dystrophy. 
KAW2.pngTo further engage our students, recess activities helmed by the NE Ambassadors were also organized to further educate students on the difficulties faced by children with Dyslexia and Muscular Dystrophy. These recess activities included opportunities given for students to try guessing what was written by a dyslexic child, to try tying a shoe lace with one hand and to try writing without using their normal hand. 

Through all these meaningful sharing sessions, students understood that the aim of Awareness Week at Kellock is really to educate them to better understand and accept children with special needs.