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Learning for Life Programme (LLP) 

Learning for Life Programme (LLP) in CHIJ Kellock

The school’s LLP – ArtsONE+, is the inclusion of Self-Regulated Learning Approach to the existing ArtsOne Framework.  The ArtsONE+ guides the design and delivery of the Arts Curriculum and Arts Co-curricular Activities which provides students with experiential learning opportunities that hone the individual’s unique giftedness, ignite their passion in the Arts and employing their talents to make a difference in the lives of others. 

The Self-regulated Learning (SRL) is a learning process which is cyclical in nature. Students learn and apply the 3 different phases in the SRL cycle, forethought phase, performance phase and self-reflection phase. Through the process of self-regulating their learning, students will develop the value of perseverance, resilience and responsibility.  

*Here are some examples of how students are encouraged to reflect on the challenges they faced during their practice and the actions to be taken to improve on their subsequent performance of the same piece or dance item. 


The ArtsONE+, grounded with the SRL approach, seeks to propel our students to be a self-directed learner in the area of Arts and cultivate the healthy mind set of Life-long Learning.