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Effective, confident and thoughtful communicators empowered to 
make a positive difference to others through word and deed.

Our Mission

We aim to develop effective, confident and thoughtful communicators by providing all students effective and engaged learning and teaching in Standard English in a vibrant environment that promotes and encourages proper expression in Standard English. 

English Language Learning and Teaching Approach @ Kellock

The school’s approach to learning and teaching of the English Language is shown in the following diagram:


Source: English Language Syllabus 2010 

Through the above the approach, the English Department aims to equip students with a proficient command of the language by strengthening the foundation of the language and enriching the English Language curriculum through various platforms for language exposure. Such exposure will allow students ample opportunities to use the language in different contexts, revisit language structures and skills and see how language works according to purpose, audience, context and culture. As students progress through the six years at Kellock, they will learn to use English at increasing levels of difficulty and sophistication. 

Working Hand in Hand

Parents can help:

(i) Encourage the love for reading  
Read with your children and visit the library weekly so that they can have access to good reading materials.

(ii) Encourage the love for writing  
Provide engaging experiences for them to write about their thoughts and feelings. Special family occasions such as a birthday celebration or a day at the park are great platforms for sharing experiences.

(iii) Encourage them to speak good English  
Encourage your children to express their thoughts and views in the correct use of the language.

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