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English Week

English Week: Good English – Any time, Any place, Anywhere!

Themed ‘Good English! Anytime, anyplace, anywhere!’, English Week aims to provide opportunities for students to develop themselves as confident speakers of the English Language. Aligned with the EL vision ‘Communicators: Effective, Confident, Thoughtful’, EL Week provides platforms and opportunities to cultivate the good habit of speaking proper English, in a thoughtful manner through a variety of activities. 

To achieve this, many interesting and meaningful activities such as assembly talks by authors, interesting story-telling sessions by professional story-tellers, Kellock’s very own signature programme known as Speak Proper English At Kellock  (SPEAK  Award) Competition, and level-wide activities such as book cafés and workshops tailored to suit the different age groups from Primary 1 to Primary 6 have been planned to encourage and motivate students to think, write, read and speak clearly and effectively. Let us take a look at how EL Week has been like over the years at Kellock!