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I Love Lit

I Love Lit!

Literature can brighten a day, broaden one’s knowledge about a topic and even offer comfort in times of need. No matter what age, literature pleases us, humours us and teaches us. It is the ideal vehicle for teaching students the essential skills and strategies that successful and effective communicators of the English Language employ.  

‘I Love Literature’ programme is a school-based novel study programme that is tailored to complement the English Language curriculum and aims to enhance students’ critical thinking skills through the introduction of quality literature books.  Through a combination of textual analysis and rigorous classroom discussions, the literature programme encourages students to become sharper and more perceptive readers of literature as they examine good authentic use of the English language. Apart from learning to appreciate words and their power, the literature programme promotes empathy as it opens the hearts and minds of the learner and hence; encouraging a greater understanding of the human condition.

In the course of the year, students in the EL STRETCH programme analyse the following books: