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Holistic Health Education

Our Vision

The Holistic Health Education Department aims to nurture thoughtful and reflective learners who are physically active and competent in movement. We believe that through PE and CCA, students will develop character, confidence and resilience, empowering them to advocate the importance of leading an active and healthy lifestyle in others.

SportsONE+ Framework

HHE Vision.JPG
SportsONE+ aims to seed the love for sports, build resilience for character and inspire the pursuit for excellence in students beyond their primary school years. Holistic Health Education and Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) champion the creation and sustenance of the sporting culture in school through the varied and progressive curriculum and programmes. Students are provided with opportunities and platforms to discover and develop her unique giftedness from Primary 1 and to nurture them to become Thoughtful Learners, Servant Leaders and Person for Others.

Offer and Nurture

PE offers opportunities for students to experience a comprehensive, broad based HHE curriculum over 6 years where they will learn the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes that enable them to become efficient, effective and versatile in movement. Throughout their 6 years in the school, students will be exposed to the breadth of games and Sports Exposure Programmes (SEP), within and beyond the PE syllabus, providing them with a unique sporting experience and multiple opportunities to explore and discover their strengths.  We also offer a wide range of CCAs for students, teaching basic skills and nurturing them to become reflective thinkers. Development and progression in the various CCAs shape students to be Servant Leaders, exemplifying school values and other sporting values such as sportsmanship and fair play.


Students who display potential in sports, are invited to be part of the school team.  Students in the school team will participate in a training programme designed to stretch the girls in the physical, cognitive and affective domains. They will have opportunities to take part in various sporting events to hone their skills. In the National School Games, CHIJ Kellock’s Netball school team remains a strong contender in the primary school scene.


  • Games Day 
  • Post Exam Activities: Sports Exposure Programme (P1 – P6) 
  • Inter-Class Competitions 
  • Healthy Meals in School Programme (HMSP)


Parents can help:

  • Encourage your daughter to participate in physical activities such as jogging, cycling, playing sports, etc over the weekend and during the holidays. 
  • Spend time being physically active as a family and it helps to strengthen the family bond. 
  • Ensure that your daughter’s diet includes food from the 4 main food group as shown below in the Healthy Plate. 
  • Lead by example and make healthier food choices as a way of life.

Health Plate.jpg