Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (Kellock)


STEAM week is designed to inspire our students into the World of Science, Technology, Engineering & Entrepreneurship, Art and Mathematics. They were involved in fascinating and engaging STEAM-related activities.

Activity 1 - Symmetry

Symmetry… it Math, Art or Science OR All?  Let’s find out!

Students are involved in hands-on activities to experience what Symmetry is all about. Through the activity, they learn the underlying mathematical principle behind symmetry. 


Activity 2 - Jenga

This simple game was used to teach students about the more complex world of structural engineering. This big idea was in line with construction where buildings are vulnerable to the same forces that can topple a Jenga tower – forces like loads, tension, compression, torsion and more. An accidental bump of the game table is an excellent scale version of a catastrophic earthquake.