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Customised Programmes for Chinese Language

Joy Of Learning Programme (P1 and P2 Home-Based Programme)

P1 and P2 Home-based Programme “Joy of Learning” is creatively conceptualised and designed by the Mother Tongue department to encourage our students to continue using their Mother Tongue language beyond the classroom with their parents. We believe that through this authentic learning platform, students’ interest in learning their Mother Tongue can be further cultivated.

Students have to complete all the tasks stated on the task card page, which is incorporated into a specially designed booklet, whereby all the resources related to the various tasks are in it. For each task that the students completed, they will be awarded stars. The number of stars will be allocated based on the difficulty of the task as well as the involvement of the parents. Once the students are awarded 10 stars, they will be given a star sticker, which is part of the resources of this home-based learning kit to motivate them to participate. 

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Progressive Word Reinforcement Programme (P3 to P6 Home-Based Programme)

Progressive Word Reinforcement Programme is a customised home-based programme designed by the CL department to help students from P3 to P6 to revise the words they have learnt in the past three years. It takes the form of a game that challenges students to gradually move from “lel one” words to “level six” words. At the end of each level, students will be challenged to read a passage that includes the words that they learn in that level. At home, the parents can supervise their daughters to revise the words and read the passage. They will sign and date on the page to acknowledge that their daughters have learnt the words or passage on that page. When the students complete all the words in the six levels, they would have revised the basic words they learnt in the past three years. 

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We are Campus Reporters’ Programme for P3 and P4

We are Campus Reporters’ Programme is especially conceptualised and designed by the CL department to challenge and engage our P3 and P4 High Readiness students in CL. It aims to interest and motivate students to speak Mandarin confidently, as well as to appreciate the power of the language to communicate with others through the medium of television broadcasting. Students will be introduced to the basic concept of television broadcasting, the techniques on news reporting, interviews and creation of a news report.

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Four-Tier Composition Writing’ Programme for P5 and P6

Four-Tier Composition Writing’ Programme is another stretch programme designed by the CL department to raise the writing standard of our Primary 5 and Primary 6 students who study Higher Chinese. The content is based on the two types of writing format of HCL examination. Through scaffolding, the programme aims to train students’ critical and creative thinking skills. Students’ interactive skills are also enhanced through Cooperative Learning strategies. Besides teachers’ evaluation, self-evaluation, peer evaluation and parents’ feedback or encouragement are incorporated to enhance students’ writing skills. Based on these evaluation/feedback/encouragement, students revise their writing until they are able to produce a high quality piece of work to the best of their ability.

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P5 Mother Tongue Enrichment Programme

The programme is designed for all P5 students taking CL, ML and TL respectively. The intended outcomes of the programme are:

1. To enable students to have a better understanding of the P5 MTL syllabus.
2. To help students cope with the syllabus difference from P4 to P5.
3. To enable students to understand the examinable components of the P5 MTL papers.
4. To equip the students with the QAR strategies to answer comprehension questions.