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Other Activities

Fourth Singapore Textbook Recital Competition (Primary and Secondary)

This year, four groups of students from CHIJ Kellock participated in the Fourth Singapore Textbook Recital Competition (Primary and Secondary) which was organized by the Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning. The competition aims to deepen students’ understanding towards textbook articles through recital, as well as raise students’ interest towards Chinese Language through exploring the art of recital. 

The students attended a few coaching sessions conducted by the teachers-in-charge and proceeded with the videoing sessions. The video productions were then sent to the organizer for judging. Two groups of P3 and one group of P6 students won Bronze in preliminary round and one group of P6 students won Silver in Preliminary round.

Mother Tongue Fortnight

Mother Tongue Fortnight was mooted in 2012 by MOE to encourage the use of Mother Tongue languages among students. This year Mother Fortnight was conducted from 22 March to 1 April. This was the first time MT department collaborated with EL department to launch the combined Language Fortnight with an opening video created by Mdm Woo, our CL teacher. The video showed a Chinese drum performance igniting a few story characters alive, which were played by three EL teachers. The combined theme for this year Language Fortnight was Reading For Life, as both MT and EL departments view reading as an important platform to enhance students’ language proficiency. Mysterious guests who are EL-medium teachers were invited to tell MT stories to our girls to inspire them to read MT books. The girls were given a customized book mark each after they completed a bingo card with reading activities. An online book fair was also held so that the students had the opportunity to buy reading and enrichment materials to facilitate their learning of the Mother Tongue languages.

A camp was organised for all P4 students to provide them with an immersive environment to learn the use of Mother Tongue Languages (MTL), and to appreciate the respective MTL cultures through hands-on tasks.

Arts Theatre of Singapore Ltd was engaged to perform a Chinese children drama “Tadpole Looking For Mum” via Zoom for our Primary 1 and 2 students. P3 CL teachers conducted a guided reading for our girls on a story book written by Mr Josef Lee. This was followed by an online meet-up with the author, whereby the girls got to learn to draw the character of the story. P5 girls learnt Chinese idioms through the drawing of Comic, while P6 girls learnt the origin and culture of chopsticks. They got to paint on the chopsticks and brought back their chopsticks as souvenirs.  

For more details on TL and ML activities during Mother Tongue Fortnight, please refer to TL and ML pages on the website.

Chinese New Year (CNY) Celebration

CHIJ Kellock celebrated Chinese New Year on 11 February, Thursday. Due to Covid-19 pandemic situation, this was the first time the school organised a virtual concert instead of a live concert in the school hall. We started the celebration with an opening video to usher in the year of the Ox. The acts in the video were performed by our supportive and talented school leaders Mrs Nair, Ms Helen Tan and Mrs Chan. Although there was no lion dance performance as of previous years, the girls learnt that lion dance performance is an important activity of Chinese culture via the video.

To give our girls some “off-screen” time, the Chinese department collaborated with the Art department by getting the girls to make lanterns using red packets, so that they can use it as a decoration for home or in school. After the lantern making session, the girls were treated to a virtual String Ensemble performance by our own Kellock girls. The highlight of the CNY virtual concert is Parent-Child/Family performances. The response received from parents was overwhelming as Kellock parents are known to be supportive of school programme and their children’s learning.

Another interesting programme was “Kellock Mysterious Singer” which allowed the girls to guess who the teacher-singer was. This programme brought the celebration to another climax when answers to the teacher-singer were revealed. The excitement exhibited by the girls were followed by another “off-screen” time, where students got to play a game with their own group members. Towards the end of the celebration, all girls participated through a dance along session with the CNY songs appreciation video. Although they were not able to sing along due to the safe management measures that were put in place, they still enjoy themselves with this little treat by the teachers.

Hopefully next year we can have a live concert in the school hall again!

Chinese New Year Celebration 2020
Mother Tongue Fortnight 2020
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