Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (Kellock)

Other Activities

5th National Primary School “Picture Book Creation” competition 2019

This year, two groups of students from CHIJ Kellock participated in the 5th National Primary School ‘Picture Book Creation’ competition. It was organized by Nan Hua Primary School.  The competition aims to provide pupils with the opportunity to work collaboratively and develop their Chinese Creative Writing Skills. The students have done the school proud and won a Silver and a Bronze prize.

The students attended a picture book workshop conducted by the teachers-in-charge. They were taught to create a picture book during the session. The students were then committed to coming up with their very own picture books 《神秘的礼物》 (The Secret Gift) and 《就原谅你吧》 (I Will Forgive You). 《神秘的礼物》won the Bronze prize, while《就原谅你吧》 won the Silver prize.  

The team that won the Silver prize was invited to present during the prize giving ceremony in Nan Hua Primary School. Student representative Zhu LeXuan and two teachers-in-charge, Ms He Na and Ms Zhang Linyue, shared their memorable journey in creating the picture book and extended their appreciation to all who had supported them along the way.

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Mother Tongue Fortnight

Mother Tongue Fortnight was mooted in 2012 by MOE to encourage the use of Mother Tongue languages among students. The theme for this year was Language Unlocks Culture, Culture Reflects Values. During the two consecutive weeks, a wide range of activities related to the Mother Tongue Languages were conducted. A language cultural camp was organised for P4 students to provide them with an immersive environment to learn the use of Mother Tongue Languages (MTL). Through various hands-on activities, students also learnt to appreciate the respective MTL art forms and cultures. 

Fourteen Chinese drums were used in the opening of this year Mother Tongue Fortnight. Teachers and students were amazed and impressed with the drum performance. This was followed by a Chinese song performance by a group of P3 to P6 non-Chinese girls. Lastly, a group of girls from the three races came together to sing “The more we get together” in their respective languages. The performance signifies the importance of respecting each others’ languages and cultures. An annual book fair was held and the students had the opportunity to buy reading and enrichment materials to facilitate their learning of the Mother Tongue languages.

For Chinese Language, the department engaged Arts Theatre of Singapore Ltd to perform two short Chinese skits for our Primary 1 and 2 students. A story-telling session was conducted to educate Primary 3 students on female historical characters. After the story-telling session, post-activities were conducted to bring out the positive characteristics and values portrayed by these historical characters. An exhibition was held on Chinese cultural activities for students to observe. Students from other levels got the opportunity to put on Chinese traditional costumes and had their photos taken in these beautiful costumes at the exhibition.  Comic workshops and Chinese tea appreciation workshops were conducted for Primary 5 and 6 students. During recess, teachers told stories and played videos of Chinese cartoons in the library. This engaged students to participate further in the organised activities. 

For TL, students had an enriching time learning more about Pongal festival by participating in the various activities during the Pongal recess activity. They had the opportunity to experience the auspicious boiling of milk and learnt more about Indian culture and Pongal festival. Students were involved in various fun and engaging activities. Through these activities, students had a better understanding of Indian Culture and had a greater exposure to Tamil Language. Different level of students participated in the following activities. 

Primary 2 - Paati Sonna Kathai workshop 
Primary 3 - Naadaga Arangam workshop (Students were introduced to “Theru Koothu”)
Primary 5 - Traditional Games. (Students had a chance to play a modified version of Uri Adi and were taught how to go about tying the pot.)
Primary 6 - Public Speaking Workshop (Students were introduced to the key elements of being a good and confident speaker)

For Malay Language, Primary 1-3 students took part in a Storytelling Workshop. The students were taught on how to act out using the finger puppets and to use proper intonation when delivering a story. Primary 4-6 students went through a speech and drama workshop. The students were taught the techniques of acting and how to use appropriate language cues and intonation when delivering dialogues. At the end of the workshop, the students acted out a simple scenario to display their learning. In addition, the language teachers conducted some level and recess activities to encourage students to use the language and to expose them to the culture. It was indeed an enriching MTL Fortnight for the students!

Chinese New Year (CNY) Celebration

CHIJ Kellock celebrated Lunar New Year on 24 January, Friday. After the opening, which symbolised the ushering of the year of the Rat by the School Leaders (SLs), the lion dance performance heightened the festive spirit of the celebration. Before leaving CHIJ Kellock, ‘Peppa Pig’, who was the mascot for the previous year, presented a gift to the school’s special guest, ‘Minnie Mouse’. The Chinese language teachers creatively put together a music video. This was shown to the school and the students enjoyed watching it. 

The emcees and ‘Minnie Mouse’ received auspicious greetings from SLs and teachers from all levels. Our special guest, ‘Minnie Mouse’ taught the teachers and students a dance routine, to heighten the festive spirit. To educate students on the history of Chinese Zodiac animals chronological order, an educational video was shown. The students were excited and gainfully engaged while watching the video. To further enhance the festive spirit, a special performance was arranged for the students. The department had invited an award winning acrobatic artiste, Yu Xin, to perform acrobat stunts. Students from the tap dance team and rhythmic gym also provided a stunning performance. These performances captured the attention of the audience as they watched in awe. 

Apart from the fabulous performances, the students were also entertained by two game shows, ‘Fire Eye Venus’ and ‘Kellock Next Top Model’. For the first game, the students were tasked to guess the auspicious objects that were hidden. The students were thrilled as they made guesses to find out of the actual objects. For the second game, the students had to compete among themselves by balancing a Mandarin orange on their heads and to walk from one end of the aisle to the other. Prizes were awarded to students during these games.  The concert ended with the staff and students singing Chinese New Year songs together. Following the tradition of the school, the SLs extended their well wishes to the staff by presenting Mandarin oranges to them on stage.

Chinese New Year Celebration
Mother Tongue Fortnight