Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (Kellock)

Malay Language 

Mother Tongue Fornight 2021

Bahasa Melayu  (Primary 1- 6)
‘Membaca untuk Sepanjang Hayat’

This year, the Primary 1 to Primary 6 Malay students took part in varieties of activities in conjunction to Mother Tongue Fortnight, which the theme is Reading for Life. 

The Primary 1 students were introduced to Folk songs titled ‘Chan Mali Chan’. The Primary 1 students together with the Primary 3 students also took part in an acting workshop using finger puppets. Similar to Primary 1, the Primary 2 students were also introduced to Folk songs titled _______. The Primary 4 students were involved in a Cultural Camp. In the camp, they were exposed to 4 different activities which consists of kite making which is known as Wau, weaving rattan, Wayang kulit and reciting poem. The Primary 5 students were taught on how to create Proverb stories with comic strip. They then acted out their stories in their respective groups. The Primary 2 together with the Primary 5 students also took part in a Ukulele workshop and were taught on how to create lyrics for proverbs. Lastly, the Primary 6 students were given a challenge. They were challenge to come up with a 3 minute Malay speech based on values that they have learnt thus far. Challenging yet enriching as they get to learn from their peers!

All students also were encourage to read varieties of books to complete the Bingo Reading Card activity. Through these activities, students were exposed to many different kind of reading materials. They enjoyed reading short stories, lyrics and listen to pre-recorded fables story telling session by Rakan Bahasa and also teachers!


Mother Tongue Fornight 2020

Gunakanlah Bahasa Kita

This year, our lower primary, Primary 1-3 students took part in a Storytelling Workshop. The students were taught on how to act out using the finger puppets and were taught how to use the proper intonation when delivering their story. At the end of the workshop, the students did a simple storytelling session to display their learning. 
The upper primary, P4-6 students went through a speech and drama workshop. The students were taught the technique of acting and how to use the appropriate language and intonation when delivery their dialogues. At the end of the workshop, the students act out a simple scenario to display their learning. It was indeed an enriching MTL Fortnight for our Malay girls!
The Malay teachers also conducted some level activities during curriculum and recess to encourage students to use the language and also to expose them to our culture. Below are the snippets of what were done during the language week




Mother Tongue Fortnight

Let’s Read@Kellock

Our Malay girls had an enriching and exciting time reading and doing reading related activities during the last week of Term 1. Students were brought to the library and teachers read out stories to them. After that, students actively participated in doing and completing the reading challenges and tasks allocated for them. Look at the fun they were having!

P1 & P2