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Customise Programmes for Tamil Language

Joy Of Learning Programme

(P1 and P2 Home-Based Programme)

P1 and P2 Home-based Programme “Joy of Learning” is creatively conceptualised and designed by the Mother Tongue department to encourage our students to continue using their Mother Tongue language beyond the classroom with their parents. We believe that through this authentic learning platform, students’ interest in learning their Mother Tongue can be further cultivated.

Students have to complete all the tasks stated on the task card page, which is incorporated into a specially designed booklet, whereby all the resources related to the various tasks are in it. For each task that the students completed, they will be awarded stars. The number of stars will be allocated based on the difficulty of the task as well as the involvement of the parents. Once the students are awarded 10 stars, they will be given a star sticker, which is part of the resources of this home-based learning kit to motivate them to participate.