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The Science Curriculum


The Science curriculum is deployed through the 3S Approach to provide SUPPORT for at-risk students, to STRENGTHEN understanding of foundational core concepts for the masses and to STRETCH high-progress students through enrichment. It is aligned to the school’s vision of a learning community where the central focus is to develop the unique giftedness of every child.

Science Support
A remediation programme
 for P3-P6 students

An experiential learning
 approach to science
“Loofah Project”

Young Scientist@Kellock
The Nature of Science through Inquiry, Scientist in Focus

Thinkers Who Tinker
STEAM Week, TinkerBelle, TinkerElla, Girls2Pioneers 

Science News Blasts

Learning Journeys
Integrated learning journeys, camps, Science Workshops

 E2K Science
 Engaging enrichment to teach advanced Science concepts

Science Stretch!
Afterschool enrichment programme for P4-P6

Science Monitors
Bioblitz and NParks CiN Programme


The Science curriculum at Kellock is concept-based and delivered through various programmes and activities. The design of the Science curriculum is guided by the school’s K* Teaching and Learning Framework as well as the MOE CPDD Primary Science Syllabus. The subject-specific pedagogy adopted by the Science Department is that of the 5E Inquiry Approach which is integrated into the various programmes. We believe that it is important that learning be made meaningful through authentic contexts and be facilitated by STEM (Strategies That Engage Minds) so as to enable critical thinking, flexible problem solving and transfer of skills and application of knowledge in new situations.