Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (Kellock)

P2 Bonding Day Camp

Primary 2 Neighbourhood Walk and Camps for Life; Magical Friendship in the Air (Thursday, 30 January 2020)

On Thursday, 30 January, our Primary 2 students had their Camps for Life and went on a learning journey at the 
neighbourhood near our school, as part of the Social Studies curriculum. The day revolved around the theme, Magical Friendship in the Air. 

The neighbourhood walk deepened and broadened students’ understanding of the neighbourhood near the school and they gained insights to the livelihood of people who live in the neighbourhood. The walk also cultivated a sense of belonging and familiarity to the neighbourhood around school. Students also learned to identify signages and pictorial charts around the neighbourhood.

Activities were lined up for students where they truly enjoyed the camaraderie with the classmates, friends from the Primary 2 level, as well as, their Form and Co-Form teachers! Magic carpets, balloons in the air, ’building’ a pyramid, and a level dance brought them to A Whole New World (the theme song for Aladdin). The team-building activities allowed the students to 
experience working together as a team/class to achieve a goal. They certainly had a whale of a time doing the 
activities and getting to know more about their friends. 

The day was filled with love – loving friends and the neighbourhood.