Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (Kellock)

P3 Ignite 2020

31 January 2020 – we were greeted with clear blue skies in the morning; that was a fabulous start to our one-day camp, Ignite 2020. 

The P3 girls had reported to school as usual before we set off for the Singapore Botanic Gardens. When we arrived at the Palm Valley, we were greeted by the parent volunteers (game facilitators), Mrs Bernice Ong (our camp commander) and Mr De Souza (the games organiser). The girls were excited as they claimed their class picnic areas in the green, open space. 

All of us warmed up with a level game of ‘Squirrel, Hunter, Fire’ before taking turns to play games and go on a science trail around the lake. The games were really fun as three classes tried all three games in an hour. The game facilitators were patient and encouraging and the girls had additional rounds. Then it was time for a short recess. 

The classes who had gone for a walk returned, feeling hungry. The girls started to lay their picnic mats and sit in clusters to have their snacks. Some even lay on their backs to watch the passing clouds. After the short respite, we continued with the games and the walk before we gathered to present certificates of appreciation to our lovely parent volunteers who had taken time off to make the outing to the gardens possible and fun-filled.

After lunch in school, the classes started their preparations for the campfire, guided by another group of parent volunteers. Every class had to put up their class cheer and a performance. When dinner was over, we gathered next to the tennis court and wished for sunset to come sooner so that we can light up the fire. Vice-principal Mrs Chan, the torch-bearer, set the firewood ablaze. That drew gasps and squeals from our girls who were probably seeing a real campfire for the first time. That mini ceremony was followed by the class performances which was an eclectic mix of song, dance and skit. Soon the camp came to an end where all of us bade farewell and started the long restful weekend.