Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (Kellock)

P5 Adventure Camp

I have really enjoyed myself and I am grateful for the many blessings that I have received. I am thankful for the support of my friends, teachers and instructors for always being there to guide and encourage me. It was truly a wonderful experience!

On the first day of the camp, I woke up, full of excitement and joy but also with fear and doubt. I was doubtful if I could sleep in a room without air-conditioning. With mixed feelings, I went to school that day. Though I felt upset that I was not in the same group as my best friend, I was also glad that I had an opportunity to make new friends. 

During the camp, I was assigned duties that I had never done before such as washing of plates and cutlery. Initially, I was disgusted by the murky water in the container but I soon overcame it and completed my duty happily with my friends. The activities such as laser tag and team-building games taught me to collaborate with my team members. We thought of strategies to accomplish our missions and we also developed a positive mind-set. 

Activities such as rock climbing was challenging for me as I have a fear of heights. My heart pounded rapidly and it was extremely scary to me. Many times, I wanted to give up but my friends cheered and encouraged me. It helped me to overcome my fears. It was similar at the rope course. I gained confidence and strength only after I witnessed one of my classmates overcoming her challenge. Though she fell twice, she picked herself up and continued to finish the course. When it came to my turn, I plucked up my courage to go through it and I was blessed to have my friend, Glenda, do it together with me. We encouraged one another and completed the course in no time. After overcoming these challenges, it was easy to accomplish abseiling and zipline. I thoroughly enjoyed these two activities. 

The campfire was a great hit amongst the students. We danced and practised the dance that we had choreographed with the instructors and the camp ended on a high note. Getting the best camper award came as a pleasant surprise and it was an affirmation of my efforts during the camp. I really treasure this experience and I would also like to thank all my friends for their support and encouragement. 

Written by Tan Shi-En Nathalie of P5 Pine 

I had a fun and fulfilling 2.jpgexperience at the camp. This camp had taught me self-discipline, responsibility, care, resilience and many other values. There were many activities planned for us. One of the activities was the rope course. Some of my group members found it scary as they were afraid of heights. However, we cheered for one another to encourage each other to complete the rope course. The next fun but challenging activity was the blind walk. To complete the blind walk, we had to trust our friends to lead us to the places that the instructor had planned. On the first night, many of us had difficulty sleeping. We tossed and turned in our sleeping bags as it was not an environment that we were used to. Though we were tired the next morning, we persevered to complete all the activities planned for us. 

During the camp, my group was assigned duties at lunch time. My team was assigned to serve the food. From this experience, it taught me to show love and care to my friends. The highlight of the camp was the campfire. All the students put up an incredible performance that was simply amazing. That night, all of us were too exhausted and knocked out completely. Though tired the next morning, we completed our area cleaning and ended the camp feeling a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. It was a fun and unforgettable camp for all of us. 

Written by Megan Lee of P5 Angsana

3.jpgOn the first day of the camp, I was confident that I was going to complete all the activities successfully. However, once the real challenge started, I began to think that I had over-estimated myself. I tried to avoid doing all the high element activities as I had a fear of heights. Nonetheless, I pushed myself and tried all the activities with the encouragement of my classmates and teachers. From this camp, I learnt to push myself harder every step of the way, not to over-estimate myself, try out a variety of food and overcome my greatest fear.

Written by Kei Anne Yeo of P5 Jacaranda