Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (Kellock)

P6 Camp


My friends and I attended the DISC profiling as part of the P6 Camp on 31 January 2020. Through the talk, we were enlightened about our character traits. Learning about how we respond to conflict, what motivates us, what causes us stress, and how we solve problems will help to facilitate better teamwork among us. This was especially useful when we had to work together during the activities for the Amazing Race and Escape Room.

During the Escape Room challenge, we were tasked to work together to solve questions at the different stations. Only after we had completed all the questions, we would be given the key to leave the Escape Room.

As for the Amazing Race challenge, we had to follow a clue to get to the designated locations to complete a challenge. The highlight of the Amazing Race was the Potatoes Hunt where one of our teammates who had to move around blindfolded picking up potatoes. It was a certainly a test of our communication skills and teamwork.  

Another interesting challenge was Teach Me where we had to teach our teammates something new. I learnt to speak simple Russian and even learnt how to draw cute cartoon animals while I taught my teammates how to speak a few French words. Soon everyone was saying, “Bonjour!” instead of ‘Hello!”. New talents were discovered and everyone learnt at least one new thing.

Through this camp, we bonded with each other. Not only did we learn a lot about working together, we also learnt that good communication is the key to teamwork. 

All of us had a good time that day. 

Amelia Davies 
6 Topaz