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Discipline Philosophy

CHIJ Kellock believes that a safe and orderly environment, marked by a culture of graciousness, respect and love for self, peers and teachers, is necessary for learning to take place. Every child has the right to a safe school environment and an environment that is conducive for learning. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every pupil to contribute to the building of a caring and loving learning environment through self-management and the modeling of school values in everyday life, in and out of school.

The school adopts a student-centric approach to discipline and the approach that the school takes in handling a discipline case can be seen as follows:

    I AM (Self Awareness)
When a student commits an offence, it is important that she reflects on her own actions, arriving at an awareness of her personal traits and emotions.

    I CAN (Self-Management)
Upon reflecting further, it is important that the pupil develops an understanding of her responses and choices to the situations and devises steps she can do to make amendments. 

    I CARE (Social Awareness)
It is important that the pupil develops an understanding of the emotions of others and takes on the perspective of others.

    I WILL (Relationship Management)
At this stage, the pupil will come to a realization that she needs to express herself in socially acceptable ways to build healthy relationships and manage conflicts. She will then express the actions that she needs to take to show her desire to turn over a new leaf.

Discipline Approach


Kellock Girl Outcome using the school’s Discipline Approach